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Public Attributes

gacmn Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gaint aflag
gaint aflag2
gadouble ahdsiz
gaint anncol
gaint annthk
gaint arlflg
gaint arrflg
gadouble arrmag
gadouble arrsiz
struct gaattrattr
gaint axflg
gadouble axint
gadouble axmax
gadouble axmin
gaint ayflg
gadouble ayint
gadouble aymax
gadouble aymin
gadouble barbase
gaint barflg
gaint bargap
gaint barolin
gaint batflg
gaint blkflg
gadouble blkmax
gadouble blkmin
gaint btnbc
gaint btnbtc
gaint btnfc
gaint btnftc
gaint btnoc
gaint btnoc2
gaint btnotc
gaint btnotc2
gaint btnthk
gadouble cachesf
gaint ccflg
gaint ccolor
gaint ccols [256]
gaint cflag
gadouble cint
gaint clab
gaint clcol
struct gaclctclct [32]
gaint clctnm [32]
gaint clcttp [32]
gadouble clevs [256]
gadouble clsiz
gaint clskip
char * clstr
gaint clthck
gaint cmark
gadouble cmax
gadouble cmin
gaint cntrcnt
gaint cntrcols [256]
gadouble cntrlevs [256]
gaint coslat
gaint csmth
gaint cstyle
gaint cterp
gaint cthick
gaint dbflg
gaint devbck
gaint dfnum
gaint dignum
gadouble digsiz
gaint dlgbc
gaint dlgfc
gaint dlgnu
gaint dlgoc
gaint dlgpc
gaint dlgth
gadouble dmax [5]
gadouble dmin [5]
gaint drvals [15]
gaint dwrnflg
gaint echunk
FILE * ffile
gaint fgcnt
gaint fgcols [50]
gaint fgvals [50]
gaint fillpoly
gaint fnum
gaint frame
gaint fseq
gaint fwappend
gaint fwenflg
gaint fwexflg
char * fwname
gaint fwsqflg
gaint g2bufsz
gaint gout0
gaint gout1
gaint gout1a
gaint gout2a
gaint gout2b
gaint goutstn
gaint gpass [10]
gaint grcolr
gaint grdsflg
gaint grflag
gaint grflg
gaint gridln
gaint grstyl
gaint gtifflg
char * gtifname
gaint hbufsz
gaint hemflg
gaint impcmd
gaint impflg
char * impnam
gaint ixlabs
gaint iylabs
char * kmlname
gaint lastgx
gaint lfc1
gaint lfc2
gaint lincol
gaint linstl
gaint linthk
gaint loopdim
gaint loopflg
gaint mapcol
gaint mapstl
gaint mapthk
gadouble marksize
gaint marktype
gaint mcolor
gaint mdlblnk
gaint mdldig3
gaint miconn
gaint mpcols [256]
gaint mpdraw
char * mpdset [8]
gaint mpflg
gaint mproj
gaint mpstls [256]
gaint mpthks [256]
gadouble mpvals [10]
gaint ncwid
gaint numgrd
gaint orient
gaint paflg
gaint pass
struct gadefnpdf1
struct gafilepfi1
struct gafilepfid
gaint prbnum
gaint prlnum
char * prstr
gaint prudef
gaint ptang
gaint ptden
gaint ptflg
gaint ptopt
gadouble pxmax
gadouble pxmin
gadouble pxsize
gadouble pymax
gadouble pymin
gadouble pysize
gadouble rainmn
gadouble rainmx
gaint rbcols [256]
gaint rbflg
gaint reccol
gaint recthk
gaint relnum
union gadata result [16]
gadouble rint
gadouble rint2
gadouble rmax
gadouble rmax2
gadouble rmin
gadouble rmin2
gaint rotate
gaint sdfchunk
gaint sdfprec
char * sdfwname
gaint sdfwpad
gaint sdfwtype
gaint sdfzip
FILE * sfile
gaint shdcls [256]
gaint shdcnt
gadouble shdlvs [256]
gaint sig
gaint statflg
gaint stidflg
gaint stnprintflg
gaint strcol
gadouble strhsz
gaint strjst
gaint strmden
gadouble strrot
gaint strthk
gadouble strvsz
gaint tchunk
char * tifname
gaint timelabflg
gaint tlsupp
struct dt tmin tmax
gaint tser
gaint type [16]
gadouble undef
gaint vdim [5]
gaint vpflag
struct gawgdswgds
gaint wxcols [5]
gaint wxopt
gaint x1ex
gaint x2ex
gadouble(* xab2gr )(gadouble *, gadouble)
gadouble * xabval
gaint xchunk
gaint xdim
gaint xexflg
gaint xflip
gadouble(* xgr2ab )(gadouble *, gadouble)
gadouble * xgrval
gaint xlab
char * xlabs
gaint xlcol
gadouble xlevs [50]
gaint xlflg
gadouble xlint
gadouble xlpos
gaint xlside
gadouble xlsiz
char * xlstr
gaint xlthck
gadouble xsiz
gadouble xsiz1
gadouble xsiz2
gaint xtick
gaint y1ex
gaint y2ex
gadouble(* yab2gr )(gadouble *, gadouble)
gadouble * yabval
gaint ychunk
gaint ydim
gaint yexflg
gaint yflip
gadouble(* ygr2ab )(gadouble *, gadouble)
gadouble * ygrval
gaint ylab
char * ylabs
gaint ylcol
gadouble ylevs [50]
gaint ylflg
gadouble ylint
gadouble yllow
gaint ylpflg
gadouble ylpos
gaint ylside
gadouble ylsiz
char * ylstr
gaint ylthck
gadouble ysiz
gadouble ysiz1
gadouble ysiz2
gaint ytick
gaint zchunk
gaint zlog

Detailed Description

Definition at line 94 of file grads.h.

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