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Public Attributes

gafile Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gadouble(* ab2gr [5])(gadouble *, gadouble)
gadouble * abvals [5]
struct gaattrattr
char * bbuf
gaint bswap
gaint bufrflg
struct bufrinfobufrinfo
long cachesize
gaint calendar
gaint climo
gaint cysiz
gaint dapinf [5]
gaint dhandle
gaint dimoff [5]
char dnam [4096]
gaint dnum [5]
struct gaensens1
gaint errcnt
gaint errflg
long fhdr
gaint fnumc
gaint fnume
gaint * fnums
gaint fseq
gadouble(* gr2ab [5])(gadouble *, gadouble)
gaint grbgrd
gadouble * grvals [5]
long gsiz
gaint h5id
gaint idxflg
FILE * infile
gaint ivnum
gaint linear [5]
gaint lvnum
FILE * mfile
char * mnam
gaint mtype
char name [4096]
gaint ncflg
gaint ncid
gaint nsdfdims
char * ofattr
gaint pa2mb
gaint packflg
unsigned char * pbuf
struct gachsubpchsub1
gaint pdefgnrl
struct gafilepforw
struct gaindxpindx
struct gaindxbpindxb
gadouble * ppf [9]
gaint ppflag
gaint * ppi [9]
gaint ppisiz
gaint ppjsiz
gadouble ppvals [20]
gadouble * ppw
gaint ppwrot
struct gavarpvar1
gadouble * rbuf
gafloat * sbuf
char * scattr
gaint sdfdimids [100]
char sdfdimnam [100][129]
gaint sdfdimsiz [100]
gaint sdid
gaint seqflg
gaint stcnt
gaint stpos
gaint * tcnt
char * tempname
gaint time_type
char title [512]
gaint tlpflg
gaint tlpst
gaint tmplat
gaint trecs
long tsiz
gaint * tstrt
gaint type
char * ubuf
gadouble uhi
gadouble ulow
gadouble undef
char * undefattr
gaint undefattrflg
gaint vnum
gaint wrap
long xyhdr
gaint yrflg
gaint zrflg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 333 of file grads.h.

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