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Public Attributes

grhdr Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

gaint bdslen
gaint bmsflg
gaint bmslen
gaint bnum
gaint bnumr
gaint bpos
off_t bpos
gafloat bsf
float bsf
struct dt btim
gaint bunb
gaint cent
gaint center
gaint century
gaint dbusd
gaint dfflg
gaint dgflg
gaint doflg
gaint dpflg
gaint dpos
off_t dpos
float dsf
gafloat dsf
struct dt dtim
gaint fcstt
gaint fcstu
gaint ftu
gaint gdsflg
gaint gdslen
gaint gicnt
gaint gjcnt
gaint gnv
gaint gpv
gaint gridid
gaint gsf1
gaint gsf2
gaint gsf3
gaint gtyp
gaint id
gaint iflg
gaint l1
gaint l2
off_t lbpos
off_t ldpos
gaint len
gaint level
gaint ltyp
gaint p1
gaint p2
gaint parm
gaint pdslen
gaint procid
gaint ptvn
float ref
gafloat ref
gaint tri
gaint vers

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file gagmap.h.

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